Monday, September 12, 2011

Italian Lavash

>Hope you all had a great 4th of July!
With the heat index at 105 here in New Hampshire, you can probably figure why there hasn’t been much cooking going on at my house. (HENCE THE LACK OF BLOGGING) We’ve been doing the usual hot dogs, burgers and steaks out on the bbq.
Why is it that all winter we complain about the cold, then when it gets like this we wish for cooler weather? Seems we are never happy!
Anyway i just wanted to share our dinner with you, it’s not fancy, but it sure hits the spot in this stifiling weather!

~Italian Lavash~
Sundried Tomato wraps
cream cheese ( about 2 tablespoons, spread on wraps)
capicola ( i used sweet, it had peppercorns in it, my fave)
finely chopped tomato
“” “” lettuce
“” “” bannana peppers
Robust Italian dressing
coursely ground pepper
The assembly is really pretty simple.
I spread the cream cheese on the wraps.
Use 4 slices of each meat on top of the cream cheese. Add the provolone cheese, pressing lightly. Sprinkle on veggies of your choice, sprinkle with a bit of italian dressing and black pepper.
Roll up as tighly as possible, if you store it tightly wrapped in the cooler or fridge for a couple of hours it will hold it’s shape longer.
Slice with a shap knife and serve.
Like i said, very simple but a great summertime meal/snack for get togethers.
Thanks for reading!

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