Monday, September 12, 2011

Eggnog Trifle

>My BAD.
I do have an excuse for making this decatant dessert on a weekday. I had to take this for a test run before the holidays. The second i saw this in Hannaford’s Fresh Magazine, i knew it had to be on our table soon.
The kids drooled all day waiting for it to “set” , i teased them further by telling them it wouldn’t be ready until the next day.
I know, i am evil >:)
EggNog Trifle
The recipe is HERE on their website. I am not copying it, i want you to see how neat their online magazine is. The recipe is on page 34. Please, please, if you have trouble getting to it, let me know and i will either guide you over there or get the recipe for you.
I hope you enjoy, and feel free to browse around my page for other holiday recipes.

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