Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lobster Omelette

I have fun with lobster. I really do. Like last summer when I decided to play with a pair and some garlic scapes.
Seriously, I don't have a life. ;)
This was a treat, lobster, shrimp, bow tie pasta, and olive oil.
So after having a chat with my good friend, Dewey, I had the fever to make a lobster omelette, but didn't want any cheese to cover up the delicate flavors of the succulent meat inside. So what is one to do? How about a basic white sauce? Sounds good to me!
2 T butter
2T flour
1 cup whole milk.
Melt butter in small saucepan over medium heat, add flour and stir till bubbly. Then slowly pour in milk. Add seasonings to your taste. ( salt, pepper, small amount of garlic powder, chives, a dash of tarragon) Remove from heat and add chopped up lobster. Pour into eggs and add a few sauteed mushrooms if desired.

I served with roasted fingerling potatoes and avacado.
I hope I gave you some inspiration, and also wish all of you a wonderful weekend. 


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I think that says it all! Really amazing Kim!

Veronica Miller said...

Wowzers, this is an impressive omelet! I could never boil a lobster, but they sure are delicious.

Sherri @ The Kitchen Prescription said...

That looks really delicious. Lobster is one of my favorites! It's breakfast time now and I wish I had a plate of that sitting in front of my now!

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