Monday, December 17, 2012

Spice Ornaments

I know, I know, not edible at all. In face my 4 year old son got so excited when he saw me making the dough, that he snagged a piece off the counter, put it in his mouth, and immediately spit it out. You KNOW I had to laugh as I saw the look on his face.. :)
These make your house smell wonderful for years to come. Seal them in airtight containers for storage and you are good to go till next year!  The ones in this photo are not dried and unpainted, I can't ever seem to get the cracks out, but my children love to help cover up those cracks! I will post the finished ones in this blog in a few days.
1 1/4 cups ground cinnamon
1/4 cup ground nutmeg
5 Tablespoons ground cloves
4 Tablespoons ground ginger
2 cups applesauce
Approx 4 Tablespoons Elmer's or Tacky Glue
Mix all ingredients well and then store in a baggie in the fridge, airtight for about an hour. I roll mine out a little to make sort of ground beef patties.. When you take it out, let sit for a few minuted to soften.  Roll out and cut into desired shapes. I use a straw to poke a small in top to thread the ribbon through.
Some people let them sit out and dry for 5 days. I cannot do that, with my rambunctious 4 year old running around terrorizing every thing.
So, I dry mine in the oven at about 200 F. for an hour to give them a little head start.
These can be decorated with craft paints or icing.

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Anonymous said...

Well Hello There Kim! I started doing a bit of catching up on your blog for inspiration and found your cinnamon ornaments! My mom has done this and I even meant to this year (Have the multiple dollar store jars of cinnamon hanging out in the pantry to prove it!) You are so right that they smell so good for years to come! What a fun activity for the kiddos and a great idea to top gifts with!

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